Team Nags Head FarmTeam Nags Head Farm relies day in and day out on the nutrition provided by the excellent products and people at Foxden Equine. Foxden’s incredibly knowledgeable staff are able to help develop the right nutritional mix for any activity level or sport, as proven by Team Nags Head Farm competing at the top level of combined driving, one of the most challenging equestrian disciplines for the horses’ fitness, strength, and stamina. Foxden has worked to even develop new products when necessary to make sure the Team Nags head Farm Horses compete at the best of their ability.

In my opinion, LinPro is a great start to any horse’s diet. My teams’ coats and hooves have never looked as good as they do now that they have been on LinPro for more than a year. I have tried every other product I can find in feed stores all across the county and have never been so happy. With the use of TractGuard, I have had no trouble with my horses’ GI Tracts, and we have stressed them so much in the past year, with travel from literally all of the corners of the country and even internationally. TractGuard is a great product with noticeable results. KeraFlex HA is probably my favorite Foxden product. I have several 18 +/- year old horses who compete like they’re 8 years old with the help of and thanks largely to KeraFlex HA. Everyone who works with my team of horses, from my veterinarian to my farrier, and myself noticed significantly increased range of motion and flexibility in all of my horses’ joints. This is a great product with truly remarkable results! In my opinion, all competitive horses should be on a good HA product. Helping improve joint health under difficult work and stress that equine competition and repetitive practice put on joints is just good horsemanship.

I cannot be more clear with my level of support for Foxden Equine as they have consistent quality and you just can’t beat their products.

Joshua Rector
Team Nags Head Farm

Tracey MorganHenrietta, my aging Dartmoor broodmare, was in foal and heading for another bout of laminitis when I first started feeding Quiessence® and LinPro. A friend who is a Dartmoor breeder and veterinarian had heard a presentation by Dr. Melyni Worth and she was extremely impressed with the research, which had gone into developing these products. Henrietta improved dramatically within weeks, her crest reduced and softened; she stayed sound and delivered a beautiful, healthy filly. Henrietta's life and comfort have been greatly increased by having Quiessence® and LinPro for her dietary needs. That was four years ago and now all of my ponies eat Foxden products daily.

Tracey MorganI compete Dartmoor ponies in Combined Driving and these ponies are asked to be tough athletes performing dressage, marathon and cones over a three-day competition. Competing at the Advanced level means that these ponies must be fit, healthy and not too fat - always a challenge to maintain the proper weight with ponies. Their dietary needs must be met without adding the extra calories and sugar content that so many feeds include. The four Advanced level ponies, Maude, Joe, Gemma and Nutkin all look trim and healthy, have shiny coats, plenty of energy and finish the marathon phase in great condition. Gemma in particular has thrived on FoxDen products, once I started feeding her Quiessence® her tough mare attitude mellowed just enough to be highly competitive without being tense.

We were thrilled to win the USAE National Championship for Pony Pairs in 2002. We have been selected by the U.S. Equestrian Team to compete in Austria for the first Pony World Championship next month. The Quiessence® and LinPro is the first thing packed! Thanks so much for creating these terrific products!

Tracey Morgan
USAE National Champion &
U.S. Equestrian Team member

I was reading through my latest horse magazine and found an advertisement for Quiessence in the back. I briefly reflected on the product name and what it meant to me. I have a 10 year old Leopard Appaloosa gelding with enough attitude for at least four other horses. He is not a bad horse, rather more resembling a toddler with a toothache. We were about to help him find another owner when my wife stumbled across Quiessence and we decided to give it a try. I wanted to write to you all and let you know how it was going.
Wow! I have a new horse! Where he was once kind of a bully to my wife’s horse and pushed him around almost all day, he now lovingly and calmly stands at his friend’s side. Thank you for giving me a new horse. Thank you for a product that has made riding much more of a pleasure than a challenge. Thank you for giving my horse a much better outlook for his future. I just thought you all may want to know and I wanted to tell you. Have a great day and keep up the good work.
- A. Miller

Denise W.My husband and I own and show a World Grand Champion and 3-time World Champion Miniature Horse gelding, "Freedom Hill Farms Lads Hustler". Since purchasing him as a yearling, we have had him on Quiessence to help control a cresty neck and the results have been nothing short of amazing. He is now five years old and his career as a halter horse remains unparalled, taking many Supremes and even a World Grand Championship over stallions and mares which, for a gelding, is almost unheard of. He is now beginning his career as a driving horse and is already winning championships in this division.
In addition to keeping him looking fantastic, we also credit Quiessence for keeping this excitable horse focused on his job in the ring. We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product!

- Denise W.

Dr. WorthDr. Worth,

Thank you so much for the Horse Nutrition Handbook. I have never read anything that informed me of so much and made me so NERVOUS before :)

In all seriousness, this is a book I'll keep in my office and tack room for as long as I have a horse (forever).

- Robert Motley
Membership Chair - Saddle and Sirloin Club



I would like very much for your company to know that Lilly my Quarter Horse mare was at the point that I was thinking there was no hope for her. But to see her walk at a normal walk from using KeraFlex EQ, you are so right! KeraFlex does have some effects on the older horses. So, please keep up the good work for the horses and the owners that love them.

- Sandy Hamlet and Lilly
Forest, VA

Pat and Joe BelskieJust wanted to let you know that we're having some success with Stability EQ. Maya had been on one large scoop a day for two weeks when I had my last lesson with Bill Long. He commented that Maya was much more relaxed and wanted to know what I was doing differently; the only change was the addition of the supplement.

Needless to say I'm very happy with the product! Maybe now we can start getting the dressage scores to go with our great marathon and cones ones.

- Pat & Joe Belskie
Ashemont Farm
Aberdeen, NC

I am writing you because I have a 23 year old Arabian horse who has had problems with a cresty neck for several years now. Nothing we did helped. This year she gained weight quickly with the spring grass in spite of only being out for 1 hour per day. Her crest on her neck and other fat pads were becoming alarmingly thick in a short amount of time. I had a vet last year recommend Quiessence for muscle soreness but because of the cost I did not pursue it.

However, this year I had two vets recommend it for her cresty neck, I talked to a rep at a horse expo and did a lot of research online. With her neck becoming alarmingly worse I decided to try it. In just three short weeks her neck looks almost normal, she is out on pasture 4 hours a day and has lost most of her fat pads. The transformation was amazing.
She is on Quiessence 1/2 cup daily, Triple Crown Lite 2 cups daily, pasture 4 hours a day, gets exercised at least 30 minutes every day, and 3 hunks of grass hay a day. The difference has been amazing.

- Jeanette

Vickie Lynn HiggsJust wanted to drop you a line regarding your product, Quiessence. I have a 9 year old bay All-Around quarter horse gelding who is a hard-keeper and had a tendency to have a sore back when worked hard and consistently.

Over a year ago, my friend in marketing at AQHA, Kristen Jacobson, told me about your product and suggested that I try it. Soooo – I called and got your free sample, started using it and old Bailey’s been a Quiessence pony ever since.

It has definitely relieved his sore back. In fact, on the rare occasion that I run out or think that during the off-season I can take him off your product, that soreness comes back after the 1st ride.

He is a little small framed thing, somewhat hard to keep weight on – at the opposite end of the spectrum from what I believe your product was originally developed for.

Vickie Lynn HiggsThe most wonderful “side effect” from using Quiessence though has been his whole outlook on life. He was always a little spooky and had problems focusing and staying relaxed in the arena. Quiessence has helped him overcome that tremendously. Actually, Kristen’s horse is exhibiting some of the same tendencies and I have recommended it to her. She told me that she has spoken with you and is going to give it a try!

Anyway – just thought you would like to get some good feedback on your product. We now buy it in the BIG bucket (which by the way, with those snazzy snap-on lids make wonderful horse show buckets for feed when you’re on the road!).

Thanks so much for a product well worth the money.

- Vickie Lynn Higgs

Robyn NunnallyAttached is a picture of my horse Maykel at his first show, this past Sunday. When I purchased him in November, he was so tense and nervous I wasn't sure when we'd be showing. After a mild colic, I started him on TractGard and Quiessence, at your suggestion (we talked at a VADA meeting).

So now, here he is, a couple months later, happy and relaxed, soft in the connection and moving nicely forward. I attribute much of his relaxed attitude to Quiessence, so thank you!

- Robyn Nunnally

I wanted to thank you for a FANTASTIC product!! I have two appaloosas, a mare and a gelding, and a couple of months ago my Farrier was concerned about the mare showing signs of laminitis. I had noticed that the gelding was also getting a cresty neck, and was concerned since the pastures were so plentiful this spring – not to mention he had been quite a handful and had not been caught to get his feet trimmed in six months!

I found your website and ordered Quiessence. I started giving them both the supplement on a daily basis, along with the LinPro. When the Farrier returned four weeks later, the gelding was in a halter and lead rope, patiently waiting for his trim! The Farrier looked at the mare and noticed that there was an increase in growth and the laminitis threat appeared to be lessening. I continued to give the horses the LinPro and Quiessence on a daily basis, and this past month, the farrier remarked that he could not believe the change in the gelding’s disposition. He also was impressed with how “beautiful” the mare’s feet were. We had discussed the supplements when I first started giving them to the horses, and he exclaimed, ”Well, if it makes you feel better, go ahead, but I wouldn’t expect much.”
His comment this past week – “I can’t believe it worked – these horses are totally different than they were a few months ago! I have quite a few clients whose horses need this stuff!”
Thanks again for a great product – I know you have made a believer out of me!
- Sally Bradley

Balance EQ - This works!
I had to try something for my old pet pony as the Pergoglide, feed, vitamins, food and wormer were not making a difference.

The pony shed out on his own - no clipping, energy back , muscles nearing normal and temperament sweet and not ravenous. My farrier was amazed at the shedding as he never had ever seen a cushings animal that shed out on his own. Matter of fact if you did not know it there is just a few tufts of hair on his body here and there. He does not even look pot bellied.

I am very thankful and pray it will continue for a very long time.

Just so you know when the stuff arrived I put him on a loading dose (the measuring cup at morning and night for 10 days) then just the one scoop from then on. You did not say to do it this way but I did want a response if he was going to have one and he just looked awful. It was so bad that I knew I was going to have to make a decision in the fall if it would be cruel to keep him alive and crises in the worst weather. Absolutely not now, unless something terrible occurs. He looks and acts just fine. He is even glossy!

Admyral is on Pergoglide, Cushaleve (Balance EQ), one cup of flax seed a day , Blues Seal extruded senior feed, Strategy twice a day and beet pulp and pasture. He was all these before with no difference until I added your product. Admyral is 26 year old 13.2hh and 7/8ths Arabian and gave 3 hours of leadline rides for friends just this past Sat. with his past loving attitude.

I will definitely be reordering when lower.
Thanks again for your book and Foxden product.

- Cheryl Myers
Raymond, NH

It's been a long time since I have written. But a lot of good things have happened with Starlight.

As her Quiessence and LinPro ran out, I opted to stay with Cush-Alleve (Balance EQ) alone. I am content with my 26-year-old, swaybacked and potbellied mare because she is doing so well. Her coat has never been better, and she doesn't gain an appreciable amount of weight. I had to discontinue the grazing muzzle because it (the metal brackets that hold the flexible pad with the hole in it) caused erosion of the upper central incisors. My blacksmith widened the space between the middle bars, but she needs to be a horse in retirement.

I add a little thickness to the middle of her saddle blanket, and the saddle fits well in her sway. She is still a good ride with only a slight nod the day after a short ride (1 1/2 hours).

The Cush-Alleve seems to be the only supplement needed. I am very impressed with her general condition and especially her lovely, dark red chestnut coat. I feed her a half quart of beet pulp pellets and a little Eq. Sr.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and advice about my mare. Did I mention that all values on a 10 panel blood work last April were within normal limits (especially the non-fasting blood sugar). I will continue with Cush-Alleve (or whatever it is called now).

With many thanks -

- Charlsie Keferl
Brunswick, GA

My name is Pat and I have been using your product, LinGro for a little over a year now and have to tell you how wonderful it is. My daughter has just started breeding her show horses by doing embryo transfer. Our vet recommended adding a supplement, and as you know there are a lot out there but this was new territory for us, so we really became unsure which to start them on. We read the labels and came across LinPro and LinGro. Very straight-forward and seemed to cover the things that we were looking for.

We purchased LinGro and showed the vet and she said she really liked the product and said to start them on it. Well that was well over a year and a half ago and we are still using it and would recommend it to anyone wanting the best supplement for their broodmares and foals.

- Pat H.
Furlong, PA

Tara ZieglerQuiessence is a great natural product that helps take the edge off of my tight, tense horses.

I never realized that a lack of magnesium could make such a difference until a horse came into our barn that used Quiessence. He ran out, and within a week his personality completely changed. I then started using Quiessence on some of my horses and noticed how they relax much quicker. It really helps!

- Tara Ziegler

I have a 2-year-old Thoroughbred filly whom I foaled and have handled since birth. She was extremely nervous, high strung, and fearful both around other horses and while being handled. The slightest movement would frighten her, and she would rear or try to run away while being haltered or walked. The farrier dreaded or sometimes even refused to trim her. Between the time she was 8 - 12 months old, she ran in fear over or through our 3-board fence 3 times while turned out with other, quieter horses that did not react. The last time she suffered a severe neck injury, which made her even harder to handle.

Dr. Melyni Worth observed this filly and suggested that a regimen of Quiessence and Mare Alleve Plus Stability EQ Plus) might help. This filly has been taking Quiessence and Mare Alleve Plus daily now for 6 months, and the transformation in her has been miraculous. She now stands quietly to be handled, and I have been free lunging her for 60 days. She is able to focus on me, and will walk, trot, canter, stop and come to me on voice command. She will take a bit, and very soon will be saddled and ridden.

As she works, it is obvious that she enjoys her time with me. These supplements have given her freedom from her fears and a new lease on life. I only wish I had discovered them sooner.
Note: Here is a link to Wild Blue Yonder’s first race!
- Joyce C.
Update: Wild Blue Yonder Breaks Maiden September 5, 2010.
Click here for a link to the race.

I can really see the difference in my guys since we started on HyCel Canine a month ago! Lucy has not even been able to jump onto the couch since she came here at a year old because of back and shoulder injuries. Now she zooms around with the best of them and doesn't even hesitate to jump up. Sam has always been a hard working dog, and now at age 8 he was having serious stiffness issues that were really worrying me. I am not seeing any of that now. He is back to his old self. So thanks. This has made a real difference for us!

- Dana Greenwood

My name is Courtney Wells and I would like to thank Foxden Equine for the sample of Mare Alleve Plus (Stability EQ Plus) given to me to try on my tense and spooky Thoroughbred gelding. My horse had 3 months off for surgery. We got the go ahead to go back into work but he was being difficult to ride because he kept spooking at things, was nervous, and had a very short attention span. It was hard to try and get him back into shape when all he did was act like an idiot! I was given a sample of Mare Alleve Plus to try and within 3 days I noticed an incredible difference. My horse was calm, rideable, and trainable. He is back to enjoying his work and I have his full attention again so that he is able to get fit again. Even on cold windy days he is soft and listening.

Thank you for helping me get my horse back!

-Courtney Wells and Case Closed

I just had to say that thanks to this wonderful product, Mare Alleve (Stability EQ), we are not going to sell our often-times moody chestnut welsh pony mare!

I was on the phone to your office, ordering some Quiessense® for two of my other welsh ponies, and asked if you had anything for an sensitive, hormonal mare, and they suggested the Mare Alleve.

I was a bit skeptical, but what an amazing transformation - whenever my youngest daughter tried to ride this pony; she would pin her ears and not go forward. I had planned to sell her until I tried the Mare Alleve. Now, even my children's trainer couldn't believe that it was the same pony/child combination, she is so much better!
Many, many thanks for creating such terrific products!

- Gail Meehan Ransom
Winship Farm
Seekonk, MA

I just wanted to let you know that I bought a 5lb. bag of Quiessence® about two months ago. I fed daily to my 5 year old gelding (high strung and nervous all the time) for one month. The change in his temperament going onto the supplement was not as noticeable as when I ran out!

WOW, I forgot what a nervous, high-strung horse he was.
I guess I got kinda spoiled actually getting through a workout without a major meltdown on his part. Needless to say a couple weeks ago I ran out and have been putting off ordering more.


I just ordered the 14lb bucket and I'm sure I will never delay placing my order again.
This product is amazing! Three months ago I was thinking of getting rid of my horse because I simply didn't feel we worked together. After a month on Quiessence®, he was the horse I always wanted. He was attentive, alert, focused and just simply had his head on straight.

Some things you can correct with training and some issues are just the nature of the individual horse. Training was doing nothing for his flighty, nervous temperament and that's the hole that Quiessence® filled for us.

Thank you so much for offering such a great product.
It is an answer to my prayers!

You have a customer for life!
Sincerely Yours,
- Tonya Smith

My equines all bloom on your products. Last year the new mini donkey felt like elephant skin. Now he is soft and gorgeous with much less neck cresting and "saddle bags". The rescue Shetland has had no hint of heat in his feet ever and his crest has disappeared completely. Hard to tell he had to have complete hoof rebuilds and had come in on a stretcher. The neglected mini horse that we took in looked awesome in the July 4th parade. When we first got him I had no idea what a beauty he would become. Wow! My 20+ year old retired horses both have issues, too. The mare has always been a bit "mental" (ie psycho) and the gelding has such a weak back end conformationally that it's a wonder he's so bouncy still at his age. Quiessence® has done a world of good for the mare's moods and tender muscles and the gelding's ability to hold weight (both on his ribs and on his feet!).

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have discovered you. The quality of life that my critters enjoy now is largely due to your products.

- Jo Medema

I just wanted to thank you about how Quiessence® has helped my horse. I own a national champion Arabian who severely foundered and rotated in 3 feet last year after the Arabian Sport Horse National Championships. With the help of your product, a strict nutrition plan, shoeing, and lasering, he has made a full recovery.

His first show back he swept the entire show, went on to obtain 2 regional reserve championships, 1 regional top 5, and he achieved the legion of excellence award from the arabian horse assoc. His coffin bones have completely derotated and he is better than he ever was before.

An Arabian magazine may be doing a write up on my horse. Thanks again for a great product!!!!

- Signe Bernardoni

Just want to send you a note on the success of Quiessence® and Lin Pro. Our mare Zoie had been diagnosed with Cushing's like syndrome and suffered a cresty neck, puffiness above the eyes, suspect of high cortisol levels, and obesity.

The cresty neck has reduce significantly, the puffiness above the eyes are gone, her weight is easily maintained and her behavior is more relaxed but she did not loose any energy.
I realize that people who have tried your products can definitely see a difference, but I feel that you saved her life. We tried the two most suggested drugs with no success. Pergolide in fact caused a negative reaction. She had the dex-suppression test done then she foundered.

I try to read the latest information on metabolic imbalances and Cushings and read in the Horse Journal that dex suppression tests have caused some horses to founder. For people out there with similar problems with their horses needs to know that using drugs and testing can be risky. Quiessence® and Lin Pro are safe and natural.
One thing to note I have used Hoof Supplements regularly on this mare with some improvement. Zoie has been on Quiessence® and Lin Pro since October 2003 and the farrier has remarked a few times that her feet just keep getting better.

Thanks for all that you do, and I am looking forward to reading your book.

- Kerry Maguire
Legacy Farm

After years of frustration and my horse's crest and fat pads getting larger, I tried Quiessence®. Several months later and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am! She has lost 5 inches in the circumference of her neck and the fat on her rump and shoulder area are gone. People are coming up to me and saying how good she looks.
- Andrea Mann,
Concord, Calif.

I had been using your product for some time for my two horses...each for different reasons.

For my TB/Paint because he tends to be jumpy and jittery and has a very tight tense back at times. The Quiessence® seems to help him relax his muscles and calm him.

For my Clydesdale cross because he is a "very easy keeper" and I worry about his weight and laminitis and founder. Somehow it helps to keep him trimmer and turn the fat into muscle....

I moved to PA about a year ago and for some reason stopped ordering the product over the winter. I have since found that both horses have gained a considerable amount of weight, have both become more jumpy and my TB is back to tight back muscles, etc. I had tried giving them straight magnesium for awhile...but I have to say that nothing works like your product. It is easy to use and the horses eat it readily mixed with their grain.

So I am ordering another 100 lbs. of Quiessence® and I know that it will give me peace of mind and make my horses more comfortable and enjoyable.

Thanks for a great product.

- Lila Culhane-Erb

Just a note to let you know that I have used the sample of Quiessence® that was sent to me and the difference in my horse's demeanor is night and day. He is no longer a bundle of nerves and can actually concentrate on the work we're doing and then some! He still has his same energy level, but I can now direct that energy toward his work rather than worry about what will set him off next.

My riding instructor is surprised and pleased with the difference and has said that she will now consider magnesium deficiency when working with horses that exhibit the same tendencies. Consequently, I've ordered a larger supply and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Thank you very much for your advice and the sample. This product has made me look forward once again to riding my horse and wondering what things we can accomplish together instead of just thinking of damage control.

- Jeanne Rennick
8th Continent
visit us on the web: www.8thcontinent.com

Shilstone Rocks Snow Shoes winning the 2008 Ride and Drive class at Walnut Hill in NY

I have bred purebred and crossbred ponies for over 30 years, to include Dartmoors for over 20 years. Several of my SingleTree ponies have gone on to be high performance ponies in the driving, hunter, and eventing disciplines.

I started using Quiessence for ponies with "crest" issues about 7 years ago. Since then Quiessence has become a supplement we use for various jobs with our working ponies, young stock, and breeding stock. For the working ponies it has helped those that are in heavy work (conditioning for marathon work and the stress of the upper dressage training). For the young stock, I use it for ponies that are just beginning to work. They have lived the life of leisure and now I am asking them to carry a person or to pull a carriage! Yikes! Tense muscles, and nerves….the Quiessence has really helped to ease them into the job and therefore make the training a non event, just part of life. For broodmares it is weight and crest control. These mares have been working and in good shape, and now they are reduced to light work up until Christmas, so for those that we have to watch those fat rolls, the Quiessence has been a huge help.

Quiessence is not a supplement I have used and then put aside. It has become a successful part of a working group of ponies and their diet. I have used if for various animals for several years now. Quiessence is a very useful product not just for the short term but also for the long term. Great stuff, Foxden Equine!

- Susan Deuterman
SingleTree Dartmoor Ponies

Mark Stopford and Michelle HardingWe have been using all of the Foxden Equine nutritional products for more than a year now. The difference that we have seen in all of our horses is amazing. The best thing is that all of the products are all-natural. Our Grand Prix jumper, Big Len, has always had a dull dry coat in the winter, but this winter he has never looked or felt better, and he is a picture of health due to feeding him LinPro.

The Quiessence® safely, legally takes the edge off of young or nervous horses, and the TractGard® helps those with ulcers or chronic colic cases to feel much more comfortable. So whether your horses are old or young, nervous or lazy, suffer from ulcers or colic, Foxden Equine Products has the supplement that you need. Why don't you try it!! Feel and see the difference in your horse's performance.

- Mark Stopford and Michelle Harding
Hardford Farm


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