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Joint & Muscle Support

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Keraflex HA EQ™
A breakthrough in joint support! KeraFlex HA EQ™ combines two powerful joint support ingredients, Cynatine FLX™ and Hyaluronic Acid, into one great product f...
Soluflex HA™ EQ
Affordable, mix-it-yourself Hyaluronic Acid Joint solution! Soluflex HA™ arrives as a powder, already in a bottle. Mix the powder with distilled water according ...
Ultra pure MSM
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) is the highest quality, bioavailable source of Sulphur for equine muscle function, joint health and hoof growth. Our MSM is 99.9% pure with...
Recovery Mix
Recovery Mix™ contains essential amino acids, electrolytes and other essential nutrients to help your horse to recover after exertion. During heavy exercise, horse...
Muscle Mix™
A mixture of essential amino acids designed to help develop muscles and achieve greater power. Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity. Provides antioxida...
Foxden Flex HA®
Joint support and antioxidant mix containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid. 
Foxden Flex IR™
Foxden Flex® IR is formulated for Insulin Resistant horses or those that need limited sugar intake.  A blend of amino acids, antioxidants, herbs and Hyaluronic ...
LinPro™ is a pelleted premium quality, balanced vitamin and mineral supplement for horses and ponies.  It provides a special blend of essential amino acids, O...


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Quiessence® is a pelleted Magnesium and Chromium formula designed to support calm, balanced behavior in horses.  It may help animals that are cresty-necked to r...

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