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Saving Money on Treats

Horse Nose and Muzzle

Horse treats are food products that are designed specifically to be given to horses as a reward or to provide them with a tasty snack. Horse treats come in many different forms, including horse cookies, horse-friendly fruit snacks, and flavored licks. Horse treats are typically very palatable and are often used by horse owners to encourage positive behavior, reinforce training, or simply as a way to bond with their horse.

A treat that is low in cost but still good for horses could be an alfalfa cube (alfalfa dried and compressed into a cube) as most horses generally like the taste of the alfalfa and will happily eat it. However, the cube can be a bit easy to crumble and might not make a good pocket treat. For an inexpensive pocket treat cheap peppermint candies are a good alternative. Remember to use sugar-free peppermints for sensitive IR or ER horses. Since they are individually wrapped, they can sit in a pocket and not make the clothes sticky. Remember to dispose of the wrapper suitably.



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