The Horse Nutrition Handbook

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Assure Equine Longevity with

The Horse Nutrition Handbook 

Proper feeding and nutrition are essential to raising and caring for a healthy horse, affecting everything from hoof quality to mood, sport potential, and life span. Leading equine nutritionist Melyni Worth, PhD, PAS provides complete coverage of this important aspect of horse care, addressing the benefits or grain and grasses, the value of additives and supplements, equine nutrition at every stage of the horse's life, and much more. With broad and in-depth information, addressing the needs of everyone from first-time owners to professional competitors, The Horse Nutrition Handbook is the complete guide to designing the right feeding program for any horse. 

Author Melyni Worth, PhD, PAS's in-depth guide to a horse's nutritional requirements covers the roles of fats, proteins, specific minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins, and details a system for evaluating a horse's weight and overall well-being. She explains how the sensitive equine digestive system works and how to maximize health and prevent problems. The book provides a plan for managing pasture system, which remains the most desirable situation for raising thriving horses, and offers specific advice on resolving nutritional disorders, from colic, ulcers, and laminitis to obesity and feeding related bad habits. After reading The Horse Nutrition Handbook, housekeeper's will know exactly what it takes to ensure their horse has a long and productive life.


Melyni Worth, PhD, PAS has taught equine nutrition and physiology at the college level for many years and holds a PhD in equine Nutrition and exercise physiology. She breeds, trains, and rides horses and is the owner of Foxden Equine, a company specializing in nutritional products for horses.