Stability EQ™

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Stability EQ™ is an effective herbal mix specifically formulated to help cycling mares and nervous, tense geldings maintain a normal and relaxed disposition. The combination of ingredients Raspberry Leaf, L-Theanine and Magnesium work together to promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. This product may also help by supporting normal physical and mental performance during times of environmental stress to encourage balanced behavior, reduce anxiety and promote a calming effect.

Ideal for horses who are hypersensitive or experience additional anxiety and tension, Stability EQ™ helps promote a normal disposition by encouraging relaxation and providing help for restless animals. By assisting in these areas, Stability EQ™  helps your horse do his/her job by helping manage normal stress’ and encouraging exercise tolerance thus supporting overall performance.  

Active Ingredients: Raspberry Leaves Powder, Magnesium Proteinate, L-Theanine