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The Blanket Debate: An Equine Nutritionist Weighs In

Horse in a pasture wearing a blanket in winter

The great blanket debate: an equine nutritionist weighs in. Horse blankets are clothing designed for horses that are used to help keep horses warm and dry in inclement weather or to provide additional insulation when the temperature drops.

Horse blankets are available in a range of sizes, styles, and materials, including waterproof and breathable fabrics, to accommodate different horses and their needs.

Horse blankets come in a variety of types, including stable blankets, turnout blankets, and cooler blankets. Stable blankets are intended for use in the stall to provide extra warmth when horses are not out in the pasture. Turnout blankets are designed to be worn by horses while they are outside, to protect them from rain, snow, and wind. Cooler blankets are used after exercise, to help horses cool down and prevent them from becoming chilled.

If your horse has a good hair coat, shelter from the wind, and constant access to forage, there is no need to blanket. However, for thin or older horses, a blanket may be a good idea.

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