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Feeding Horses in Winter: The Importance of Free Choice Hay

Feeding Horses in Winter: The Importance of Free Choice Hay

Hay is the principle source of fiber in domestic animals, and provision should be made to obtain sufficient hay for ... more

Horse drinking water from a bucket in a stall

Preventing Colic in Winter

Prevent horse colic in the winter is a matter of maintaining your horse's access to warm water for your horse. Dr. W... more

Portrait of a dark bay senior horse with grey on his face

Feeding Senior Horses in Winter

Feeding senior horses is much the same as feeding other horses: 24/7 access to hay is essential. However, you may ne... more

Horse in a pasture wearing a blanket in winter

The Blanket Debate: An Equine Nutritionist Weighs In

The great blanket debate: an equine nutritionist weighs in. If your horse has a good hair coat, shelter from the wind... more

A senior horse with grey nose and droopy lip.

How to Feed an Underweight Horse During the Winter

Horses that are underweight are a special challenge in the cold. They need hay and plenty of it, but they will need ... more

Two flakes of grass hay

Winter Weather & Feeding in Very Cold Temperatures

In cold weather the best thing to feed horses is fiber as much as they will eat. Good quality hay is the best answer.... more